"Baseball teams have player-development departments with a single focus: to ensure that players reach their highest potential. Teams devote enormous resources to giving each player the attention he needs to succeed, beginning in the minor league and continuing to the majors."
– Michael Welber

Workforce:HR Trends & Tools for Business Results May 2003

Businesses like baseball need to do the same with their "players" and not just when they are hired, but with ongoing professional development and training for technical skills and soft skills: people, behavior, management, leadership. That's where Small Strategies steps up to the plate.

Small Strategies offers training opportunities for companies, groups and professional organizations. These workshops and seminars cover a wide range of business related topics and compliment the individual coaching Small Strategies provides. A partial list of workshops and seminars are shown below. Please contact Small Strategies for a custom designed seminar.


Six Thinking Hats™ Let's You Create, Innovate and Be Effective

  • How they respond to various situations?

The Six Thinking Hats™ is a concrete and tangible method that takes the emotions and personalities out of decision-making, problem solving, evaluating, and analyzing situations. Six Thinking Hats helps to design and create positive energy needed to solve problems in business. Six Thinking Hats™ is an open opportunity to move your company forward in a more constructive and powerful manner.

You will apply Six Thinking Hats™ everyday for brainstorming, creative discussion, decision-making, problem solving, direct action, assessment and evaluation. Find out which hat you wear!

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Passion in the Workplace - Without it, Why Show Up!

If you don't have passion for a business, you don't belong in it! Let PASSION lead you to your success. Passion is the excitement that fills you with energy. It heightens your performance and lets you achieve things you may never dreamed possible. In this workshop, you'll learn the:

  • Benefits of Passion.
  • How Passion is the link between reality and PROFIT.
  • To create Passion - feel it, think it, act it.
  • Roadblocks to Passion.
  • Strategies for finding and keeping Passion.
  • How to seek Strategic Passion Partners.

Let PASSION transform the ordinary into the extraordinary! Take the steps to increase your bottom line. Let your PASSION show!

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Team Building, Not just a Buzz, A Reality - Like the TV Shows

Every team has an All-star! That's a fact, but behind every all-star is a TEAM! For your company to be a champion, you have to build a terrific team. Unleash your strengths, your spirit and your passion as a leader! You can motivate, infuse energy, excitement and a positive "together we can do anything" spirit for your team!

  • Identify your unique leadership style - your personal SWOT!
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate! LISTEN.
  • Be specific - set the goal, climb the mountain, reach the peak!
  • Eliminate the negativity, turn everyone into a survivor, a player.
  • Identify and overcome the biggest obstacles, make giant leaps in team performance.
  • Let change step up to the plate and be recognized.
  • Develop a game plan - think out of the box!

Make every "average joe or jane" on your team feel like an all-star and you're guaranteed a winning team!

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Time Management - Better Than Any Stress Ball Clarify priorities, set a course of action and stay the course.
  • Organization 101 - Tips on where to start.
  • You set benchmarks to reach your quotas, set benchmarks for time management.
  • It's a balancing act - all day - at work, at home and at play.
  • Bottom line - it's important to increase the bottom line.
Leave the workshop with an action plan; be empowered with at least three ideas to reach your first benchmark goal. Remember time wisely spent equals greater ROI.

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Manage your life and eliminate stress - The Possible Dream

Closely connected with Time Management is STRESS. The two workshops can be combined. The key is to learn to set realistic benchmarks or goals to help you manage your life, eliminate stress, and reach the possible dream.
If you could live your life any way you wanted, what would it look like?

  • Set goals, design an action plan and move to success.
  • Put balance back in your life - personal and professional.
  • What you're putting up with- tolerations? They create friction and drain positive energy.
  • Manage your time, don’t let it manage you!

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Leaders are:

  • People who don't wait, they take action.
  • People who inspire, are rooted and stable.
  • People who are goal oriented.
  • People who promote shared values, because they know they can't do it alone.

Leaders are role models. Leaders walk the talk. Is that you?

Are you the strong confident leader people want to follow? Do you motivate employees to give 110%? Do you make change and transition a part of everyday life? In the workshop you will learn that you have what it takes to be a great leader. Leadership is not an overnight phenomenon; leadership is a process. Small strategies will start you on that journey.

Identify your strengths as a leader. Recognize your unique leadership style.

  • Motivate employees without spending a dime.
  • Check attitude problems at the door.
  • Feedback deliverythat produces positive change, not resistance.
  • Balance respect, compliance and friendship with staff and peers.
  • Speak with power and confidence.
  • Turn your chronic naysayers into cheerleaders.

Leadership focuses on doing the right things, management on doing things right.

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The one constant in life is Change, so you may as well accept it, anticipate it, enjoy it and get on with your life. Think of change as a cycle: denial, resistance, acceptance and commitment. Constant. The trick is to make it manageable and not overwhelming. We all have to breathe a little, don't we?

  • Deal with frustration.
  • Meet Apathy head on.
  • Explore the consequences of not changing.
  • Determine underlying issues related to change.
  • Allow for two-way communication.
  • Feedback that Changes Behavior. The AEIOU principles.
  • Make your first change today; learn something new.

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Marketing Success: Think Out of the Box

Think of marketing as breathing. You do it everyday without thinking about it. Well, it's time to start thinking about your image, your brand, your audience - it's time to think about marketing creatively to make connections, to strategize for success.
You need a marketing plan! This workshop walks you through what's in a marketing plan, how to step outside and think out of the box.

  • Look, listen and learn what's going on in your industry.
  • Think strategically - locally and globally.
  • Marketing 101 Glossary.
  • Create communities.
  • Self-promote - Brag as if you were your mother!

It's all about relationships. Become a community within your company, join other communities, watch your business grow!

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Next Steps to Marketing Success

Mingle and meet, that's the theme of this workshop. Who would you do business with? Most businesses look to form strategic partnerships with like businesses. Great! But not out of the box. Look at PF Chang and Elite Racing - the Rock and Roll Marathon. What's the connection? Is it marketing? You betcha'! You can do that, too!

  • Marketing strategies that worked.
  • Marketing strategies that flopped.
  • Strategies that might make a difference.
  • Branding is not just for cattle.
  • Value-added, service.

Remember it's all about relationships.

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Business Writing and Grammar Skills - You Need to Know the Rules

Tame the Writing Challenge and ensure that reader sit up and take note when they receive mail or e-mail from you. Add clarity, color and power to your business writing. Sell your ideas, products or services. Be a powerful, persuasive communicator. Transform your writing communications in one workshop with hands-on techniques to practice during the session and apply back at the office in the afternoon.

  • Cutting your writing time - prewriting, organize thoughts and information.
  • Casual is the key to today's business communications.
  • Clear, concise, easy-to-understand language to get results.
  • Avoid readers' hot buttons - negativity.
  • Write a complaint letter that gets action.
  • Build instant rapport with readers; get favorable responses.
  • Grammar 101.

Writing isn't the same as it was when you went to school. Brush up on your skills. Today, business people are writing more than ever and not in conventional ways since the explosion of the Internet and e-mail. Many view e-mail as a short cut and forget their "manners." Tame yours, take the writing challenge.

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