Small Strategies seeks resources and services for seniors, their families, caregivers and families of special needs adults. Through her personal family experience, Leslee Small learned there were many agencies and sources that offer services, but found that while the information might have been useful and applicable, it was a challenge to collect. 

Leslee will meet with clients and their families review the needs assessment, match services and options to develop a coordinated managed care plan that may include, but not be limited to, these services:

  • Assist families with long-distance care
  • Assess home safety and health assessments
  • Coordinate home health care services:
    • Companion services
    • Nursing
    • Therapy sessions
    • Daily living activities assistance
    • Treatments prescribed by medical professionals
    • Coordinate life-line services
  • Research long-term care facilities
    • Review options, schedule tours
    • Coach/educate the client and family on elder and long-term care issues
    • Advocate for client and serve as liaison between care plan and family
  • Act as concierge - a source for referrals and coordinator of providers such as:
    • Insurance benefits
    • Eldercare attorneys
    • Money management
    • Estate sales
    • Driving assessment
    • Real estate
    • Handyman/housekeeping/lawn care
    • Construction – ADA compliance
    • Transportation

Leslee searches for just the ‘right’ bits and pieces to create a unique, individual managed care plan for each client.